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First page of the little comic with Rosalina and Elsa (see it here) was published on rule34, like stats of the blog it seem it was a good promotion but nodoby published the other pages on rule34 after that… Must publish page 2 to make an other wave on the blog but what I must link as reference, the blog itself or directly the post with the comic to be sure people will enjoy the 3rd page?

I also received surprising mail. A guy who found the blog and said he was in a depression and when he saw Rosalina, fallen in love with her… Like me at school and as if my studies are over she’s still the more beautifull and cutest girl in the world… Thought I can’t really say “in the world” since she’s a fictionnal character… XD


Today publication is late but nothing compared to all time Rabid-Mermaid had to wait before I publish his illustration here, I’m really sorry about that but now time to show you a new really powerfull duo that Rabid-Mermaid made as request… Thanks so much for your kindness and support… (^o^)/

Don’t think that Rabid-Mermaid made a simple piece, maybe two busts but sooo much work and details. Colors are beautifull, sensual interaction into the two girls and expressive face… Rosalina face and hair style add a realistic touch to the illustration, just impressive…

Btw, about Rosalina hair, Rabid-Mermaid said “that hairstyle was a pain, I’d prefer not to go through thatt again” and that’s understandable. A complex hairstyle that artist sometimes prefer to change a little and make them easier to draw with their own style but Rabid-Mermaid wanted to keep Rosalina close to the original character and adding the realistic touch the result is amazing… Oh yeah…

To explain about the other girl they best way is a little quote from Rabid-Mermaid‘s description: “sadly just a random girl, I didn’t want any crazy crossovers and the designs of the other princesses are rather similar“… Of course that’s not easy to mix two lady from different universe and various style, also the easier way is ti pick a Nintendo princess than Peach or Daisy, that’s explain while I have more than 40 illustration of Rosalina with Peach but you can be sure I love all of them… °w°

So Random girl but really beautifull and the action is excellent, holding and sucking Rosalina tits who seem to enjoy it so much like her face. After all an excellent illustration don’t need to make the girl with open legs doing some hot action… Something more sensual, tender and romantic can also be damn powerfull… And Rabid-Mermaid did it… Oh yeah….

It was an honor that Rabid-Mermaid accepted to draw Rosalina for me, it four take a look to his HentaiFoundy gallery (here), you will find some really impressive illustrations. I asked him to draw Rosalina after see the illustration with Miss fortune but was sure Rabid-Mermaid will refuse to join. Like he’s so talented that he have better thing to do that make Rosalina… I was wrong… (^o^)/

Artist: Rabid-Mermaid  /  Cost: 0$ (request)

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  1. Skull

    Yummie! 😛 😛 Love the style and the tits too 😛 😛

    1. Rosalina x Girl

      Great and sensual action, adding this coloring style the result is epic for sure… Thanks for your comment… ^^

  2. Eromanboy

    Looks really amazing with a great original style. Love it.

    1. Rosalina x Girl

      Thanks… and I agree, the coloring style is excellent…


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