#415 – Street Fighter – Juri Han

The little pool about wallpaper calendar is over and the result look better than I expected. A start if was more to see if peopel know about this project but it also seem some of you are using it… How powerfull… Now I have to send a mail to Mavruda to prepare May one and also and also something special for you guys… Stay turned… ^^

Also wanted to show you a photo of  my Rosalina cosplay (or crossplay in fact) during the last con but didn’t have my camera and I hope people who made photos of me will share them. The crown was ready and don’t look so bad but it was damaged during the travel and was hard to hold in on the wig. I had to ask my friends replace it so many time, I hope it don’t look bad on photos… °w°


After Chun-Li, Ibuki and Elena, Rosalina met a new Street Fighter “lady”… So much gorgeous and powerfull girls in this series, so nice to have a new one having some kinky fun with Rosalina and it’s a huge thanks to DaPhatMack for this so sexy and sensual illustration… Love it so much… (^o^)/

You must admit that DaPhatMack made an excellent piece, both ladies are gorgeous and color are also beautifull.That’s sexy, playfull and sensual. Juri using her technique and play with Rosalina’s tits who seem to really love the feeling. Rosalina meet more than 300 ladies on the blog but first time I see her enjoying this kind of nipple play, artist will never stop to amaze me, you’re incredible DaPhatMack

I really love Rosalina expression; not so kinky and hot but really calm and sensual. It’ seem that’s relaxing in fact… Juri also don’t have a horny face, she look concentrated and calm, doing her best to hear lovely moaning from Rosalina… Awwwww…

Don’t deny you love it guys and I’m sure you want to see more from DaPhatMack… You can find him on Deviantart (here) or Hentaifoundry (here)… both places have powerfull gallery and gorgeous ladies so do’nt hesitate to take a look and give your support to DaPhatMack to make more epic illustration… As if it short you don’t expect how a nice comment can be powerfull… Oh yeah…

Artist: DaPhatMack  /  Cost: 0$ (Request)
Deviantart: www.daphatmack.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/DaPhatMack/profile

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