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Merethide is workind on an illustraton of Rosalina with a so lovely as kinky Liligant but if you are interested she’s also holding a Free Raffle on her facebook page (see it here). You have have to love the page, share the publication (this one) and comment it to participate to the raffle. At the end it’s a free illustration for ALL winner… Of course you must know that Merethide will add a new prize each 10 participants… How powerfull… °w°

Some changes on the blog, at start I deleted the chat since nobody used it since months, I wanted to make visitors more active and participate but it was a faillure. I also fixed some html and gramatical errors on publications and wishlist. I save all my posts on .txt files and edit them but sometimes I correct errors on these files but didn’t report the new version of the blog… so stupid…


Last illustrations wont change a lot on the blog and are kinda soft like this new illustration with Rosalina and Tsuki made by the amazing N8-11… I agree he have a special name but it’s so curious as he’s talented. So beautifull and sometimes pretty kinky ladies in his gallery, I’m so happy he accepted my request and participate to the blog… Thanks so much for your kindness N8-11… (^o^)/

For people who never heared about Tsuki that’s normal, she’s N8-11‘s original character and you must admit she’s also sooo lovely. When I created the blog and made the wishlist the objective was to pair Rosalina with famous characters to be sure so many people will find Rosalina looking at fanarts of these girls. But after all, there is so much adorable and gorgeous original ladies, that’s always powerfull to discover them and also when they meet Rosalina… Oh yeah…

I love so much this illustration, Rosalina and Tsuki are sooo adorable and the fact N8-11 colored it was a powerfull surprise. Tsuki is really beautifull, so cute and adorable with this embarassed face. Like the sketch on the bottom, at start I expected her tohave the same dress than Rosalina like a crossdressing but N8-11‘s idea is much better. Tsuki look like a Shadow Rosalina, still so lovely and adorable as the original… °w°

If you take a look to N8-11‘s gallery, you will see a lot of sketch or line illustration so I thought I will receive be a black and white drawing but there is finally a colored version and the result is amazing. If there is an illustration from N8-11 that you love so much and really want him to color it don’t hesitate to let a nice comment. Great comments and feedback are always a powerfull support and motivation for artists. Never forget that guys.

Last thing, I’m sure you noticed that it’s not a digital but N8-11 made traditionnal pic. This kind of art is really more complex than digital, like the title of an Evangelion OAV; “You can not Redo” and also at the end you have a true illustration that nobody can copy/paste… I must ask to N8-11 if he can send me the original… I’ll pay postal fee of course… ^^

Artist: N8-11  /  Cost: 0$ (request)

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