Nintendo – Peach N°28

I made this post (started in fact) the same day as the previous one. Was full of motivation to make a second one and like this, busy or not I was sure I will be able to publish as I planned as if something happen. After that I will have some time to redo the new page I’m working on. Still ready but I had a new design in mind so I’ll restart it…

There is also a long time I didn’t added new girls to the wishlist page. I made a huge update adding some ladies and for the first time some were deleted. In fact they were more in the list for personal reason but are not enough famous to be sure an artist pick one of them a day so they disappeared. I just keep them in mind and maybe a day you will hear about them again… Maybe… ^^


So much artists around the world and they will never stop to amaze us and the same thing can always be surprising and different. this time it’s MiZun who had the kindness to participate to the blog while drawing Rosalina and Peach together. Peach is really the more famous Nintendo princess, can deny that point as if the more beautifull is Rosalina but as if it’s the 28th time I have this pairing, MiZun‘s illustration was an amazing surprise. Oh yeah… °w°

Each artist have his own style and his own point of view so as if there is Rosalina again and again, She’s always different but so beautfull. Artists can change her personality and body, each time a new version, each time a new Rosalina… But cute as naughty or crazy, she’s always the more beautifull princess in the world… (^o^)/

Back to MiZun‘s illustration, she made a really tender and romantic illustration. Rosalina and Peach enjoying a long and tender kiss, that’s really expressive and intimate, Also love the way that Rosalina is holding Peach head to be sure this moment wont stop while she caressing her breasts. I can’t deny it’s a really hot illustration but there is also an impressive feeling. That’s not just a kiss, that’s love… You’re so powerfull MiZun

Pose and color is excellent but the size of the two girl is also a great detail. Not sure MiZun know it in fact but Rosalina is taller than Peach and we really see this point on the illustration. As if they have huge physically similarities and also breast proportion (Albeit Rosalina look so much sexy like this MiZun) they have not the same size. In fact that’s also the reason that Rosalina have the same stat and weight as Bowser in Mario kart as if both are still really different… You will see that on smash Bros. if you don’t believe me… :p

Once again MiZun, thanks so much for all your efforts, I know an illustration need so much time and work but you cn be sure you made a soooo powerfull drawing. Also guys, don’t hesitate to take a look to MiZun gallery for more kinky ladies and why not put a little comment. You can also ask for cheaper commission and you can be sure there is a huge chance to hear about MiZun again in the futur. She make so adorable pokemon adoptables and I must commission her a piece for the project “Where is my pokemon?“… Will be epic…

Artist: MiZun  /  Cost: 0$ (request)

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