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I finally finished pokemon X and have all 718 pokemons. but that’s not a reason stop think to these sexy monsters and there is some illustrations waiting for “Where is my pokemon?“. I can say there is Arcanine, Lilligant and Mismagius on the queued. don’t know whrn they will be ready but Mismagius must be here soon… Oh yeah… ^^

I recently received some illustration and to make sure artist wont wait so much I’ll publish more often so a new illustration each two days instead of 3 day… More illustrations, more fun but also a huge thanks for all artist who help me make this project alive and so powerfull… (^o^)/


Today a surprising illustration drew by the lovely and talented CuteEmmy.The reason I said “surprising” is not because the illustration itself, these two lovely ladies with lingerie and neko outfit are so adorable but because the girl with Rosalina is simply CuteEmmy… Yeah, she drew herself with Rosalina and you must admit the result is so powerfull… ^^

I asked this illustration there is a long time (July 2013… O_o ) but CuteEmmy use commissions and sell packs to pay her bills and I sure you know how life is expensive so she must accept many commissions and sometimes it’s hard to finish them all. I was a little worry when 2014 started but the illustration was finally done and I love the result… They are so adorable and pretty sexy… This combo is damn powerfull… Oh yeah…

Don’t have interestings infos for you guys, I asked this commission there is so long and completely forgot what I asked to CuteEmmy at stat… For sure Rosalina and CuteEmmy together wearing some lingerie but about can eats and tail, it’s a huge mystery… After all the more important is that CuteEmmy made a beautifull illustration and both ladies are gorgeous. CuteEmmy more calm and adorable compared to Rosalina a little more sensual with this face expression, I love so much this sexy pose and expression… °w°

If you want to see more from CuteEmmy don’t hesitate to visit her deviantart (here) but she also have a Hentaifoundry profile (here). You can buy commissions for sure and if your interested she also sell some packs with various illustration and one really more surprising because it contain photos of CuteEmmy, and they are not safe (lovely face, sexy lingerie and naughty pose)… XD

Just be carefull because delay can be really huge, just keep an eye on CuteEmmy and not use to spam here. the other thing I don’t really like is that she sometimes use commission to make her packs and sell them, that’s not really fair as me but for the rest you must admit CuteEmmy have a beautifull style… ^^

Artist: CuteEmmy  /  Cost: 35$

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  1. Elías Riera

    This is a great job!
    Final version, even they are “dressed” is sexiest.
    Amazing gallerie of cuteemmy on Hentai Foundry too.


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