#410 – Metroid – Samus N°9

The actual pool about the Monthly Wallpaper by Mavruda is a great surprise. At start it was more to see if people know about the calendar project or completely missed it but it was so powerfull to see that there is also people who sometimes use it. Now I have a reason keep it active for the moment… ^^

I said 3 illustrations are on the queued or in progress for the project “Where is my pokemon?” but if seem I forgot to count an artist and had a powerfull surprise… Prepare yourself for a dark Rosalina trainer and her pokemon… It will be epic guys…


But before the pokemon there is some artists and illustrations waiting. This time it’s time for a new artist to enter here and amaze us. Applause and congratulations come to Neonmonkey for this excellent piece with Rosalina and Samus Aran from the Metroid Series… But not use to say it, I’m sure everybody already recognized her… It’s the 9th time I receive this paring and same thing as Peach, I can have this this two girls together again and again,it will always be a powerfull surprise… thanks so much Neonmonkey…(^o^)/

For people who don’t know, Samus gun can be turned into a whip, now you can understand what Neonmonkey wanted her to use on Rosalina. I discovered that while playing to Smash Bros. When you lost her armor and powerfull weapon she can attack using her gun or a whip coming from it. I wonder if it appear in some Metroid games or it’s only on smash bros. If people know more about that, don’t hesitate to comment and help me make a more constructive post maybe Neonmonkey have more infos about that…

Rosalina will be on the next smash bros. A really complex character to play with but she can also be really powerfull. She can easily resist to this kind of attack but like her dress, for perverts like us it’s super effective… Neonmonkey really made an excellent piece, It’s look like Rosalina is flying as Mario in Mario galaxy game and finally Samus wanted to come for a little fight… Great ideas and references, I love Neonmonkey‘s naughty mind so much as his illustration… °w°

Now if you like it and want more from Neonmonkey don’t hesitate to visit his HentaiFoundry profile and gallery (here). Not so much for the moment but there is some really interesting pieces. Neonmonkey made normal illustrations but also flash loop and game so don’t miss that guys… A great level level and nice style, Neonmonkey seem to be a talented artists and you come and comment to show him your support and give him desire to continue… Oh yeah…

Artist: Neonmonkey  /  Cost: 0$ (request)

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