Pokemon – Hilda

Due to some illustrations waiting since a long time and last I received, I published more regularly with a new piece each two days but now the queued is reduced and I want to keep some images in stock to be able to continue publish regulary so after this one I go back to a new piece each three days. Don’t worry, for the moment I’ll never let the blog die… ^^

Also finished pokemon X, all 718 pokemons in the pokedex and in my boxes. Since I’m not really into battles the game is now quite slow.. It’s time to become a shiny trader but with all these fake generated pokemons it’s not so much fun… U_u


Now after a so hot and wet princess trio by Psicoero, time to show us his naughty style again for an other commission I asked him. As if it wasn’t made for the project “Where is my pokemon?” time for a new lady from the series to meet Rosalina: Hilda. It’s her that Psicoero chosen for his second commission saying he wanted both ladies playing with chinese balls… What this?

Not easy to explain but from what I saw, Chinese balls are two iron balls that are twirled in the same hand. Experienced practitioners can use three or four balls. They have a number of benefits like release of stress, increasing deterity, massaging action… Well, it sound great but like Psicoero we all here have a little naughty mind and for me it look more like anal beads…

Psicoero had a great idea using Pokeballs to fit. I know the idea already exist and not the first time you see a naughty trainer using her pokeballs to play on this way but before that I never heard about chinese balls so it was kinda interesting… And adding all pleasure can give this juicy illustration made Psicoero it really more fun to learn in that way as if it’s pervert things… Oh yeah… XD

After this illustration and the trio princess (on the right), I’m sure you noticed that Psicoero is kinda… Juicy… Love juice is really exciting and for this point, Psicoero is one on the more powerfull artist I ever see. Now if you want to see more (and I’m sure yes), don’t hesitate to visit his galleries on HentaiFoundry (here) or his personal blog (here). You can be sure there is so much excellent and damn naughty illustrations…

Must commission Psicoero again for sure. A pokemon lady for the last project but with all waiting I don’t want to overload the blog with pokemon so must find an other gorgeous lady that Rosalina never meet for the moment. Any suggestions? And also don’t hesitate to ask Psicoero about commission. just be careful because his prices are in euros (€) instead of dollar ($) but less than 25$ for an illustration like this one, you must admit it’s a powerfull deal… °w°

Artist: Psicoero  /  Cost: 20€/25$
Blogger: www.psicoerosdirtyblog.blogspot.com/
Hentainoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Psicoero/profile

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