October 2014 – Smash bros. available on 3DS


A week left before the end of the free raffle event “Your dream by Lunakiri” but no limit for the comic as if it’s not a reason don’t get your copy of Rosalina Delivery Service – Chapter 2. If you love Kill la Kill time to enjoy the power of lingerie made with life fibers and how naughty can be Ragyo… Oh yeah…

Also, it seem the chapter 1 who was planned wont happen, the artist have some troubles. I wonder if the next chapter must be chapter 1 or let this slot empty as memory…


I know the month is close to the end and this second part of the Wallpaper calendar only come now but not too late to use and enjoy it. After all it’s really dangerous to keep a naughty wallpaper so you had time to enjoy the soft one Mavruda made and now why not have a kinky touch on your screen before the end of october…

I already saw a preview on Mavruda‘s site that you can see on the right and it finally look really more fun and powerfull as expected. Both are so beautifull and hot, Must be so hard don’t look at these two ladies enjoying licking and ass play. For sure Samus must have a wonderfull feeling and beautifull view on that lovely Rosalina face gently licking her… Like we spy on them, love that feeling but honestly I prefer to join…°w°

Mavruda really did an excellent job, I really love Samus and was powerfull see her on the SFW wallpaper and she’s finally back for some intimate pleasure with Rosalina. Just so bad she don’t have high heels like in smash bros. I love this part of her new design. You must admit Mavruda putted so much work and efforts on this illustration, a lot of nice details like the star. I remember when we must run to catch it, this time no use to run, and also to catch in fact, just have to enjoy the show… XD

Now if you are curious feel free to enjoy more from Mavruda on the Wallpaper calendar page (here) and why not join his site Mydirtydrawing.com for mush more exclusive (and freaking hot) art. Mavruda really do his best for his members, don’t hesitate to come with your little fetishes… I’m sure you will enjoy… ~__^

Artist: Mavruda  /  Cost: special
Website: www.mydirtydrawings.com
Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/mavruda/profile

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