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Don’t hesitate to get your copy of the new comic Rosalina Delivery Service (here), you can be sure Ska Jr Zombie made an incredible comic like a professionel one, it look perfect. Rosalina and Ragyo from Kill la Kill will feel sex with the power of life fiber lingerie sex clothes. Are you sure you can miss it?

Also there is the free suggestion contest “Your dream by Liunakiri” still open but now for less than two week. Feel free to participate and let Lunakiri give you a totally free illustration . oh yeah… ^^


Just before say today illustration suck, just keep in mind that the artist Shao started to draw there is only two days. As if he used a reference (and you can be sure he didn’t trace) as me he was really amazing. The artist and also one of my best friend Shao-Pix started with a pretty nice style, I’m sure if the continue practice more he will be able make beautifull illustrations.

At start, the illustration Shao-Pix sent me was only a B&W piece with some black shadows and later he finally decided to color it to make it even more beautifull (as if Rosalina can look ugly for me). It was kinda difficult for him to draw shadows and tried some techniques on photoshop using transparence as exemple who gave him some troubles when he added the background.

Has to delete some steps of his colored process and some parts of the dress have shadow missing. It’s not because he missed them but more than the result wasn’t enough pleasant. Shao-Pix already made some simple illustrations but this one his really his first colored piece and for a first time, you must admit it’s great.

Let see how his style will evolve, Shao-Pix already started to draw in a group there is now several year but nothing since a long time. Now he wanted a tablet and start to draw again, let see how it will be in some months, I’m really curious to see if he will be able continue to practice and draw for a long time to make some epics Rosalina in the future… Oh yeah… °w°

Artist: Shao-Pix  /  Cost: 0$ (gift)

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  1. EpicSubterfuge

    If that is the product of 2 days of practice, I’d call it a good start. With a few tips on anatomy a bit of practice he’ll do good. Well, that reminded me I should practicing, there’s a lot to learn…


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