October 2014 – Smash bros. available on 3DS

As if the adult version is still in progress it’s October and Mavruda really did an amazing job with the soft version that it was impossible to resist more to show you his work. I agree it’s not a girly scene as expected with the blog but I think the adult will be more close to a kinky yuri duo (let’s see) and after Rosalina one of my fav in the game is Samus… I love her new design with high heels… °w°

Not use to present characters on this new wallpaper Mavruda made, just want to say that Captain Falcon is kinda powerfull. Also love Mavruda‘s idea and the situation, all there powerfull fighters ready to jump on Rosalina who look so calm, maybe because she still don’t understand she’s now on Smash Bros. or she know she will easilly kick their ass… What is your opinion guys?

For sure Mavruda is really talented and now used with Rosalina in this case she look so beautifull, innocent and pure (but can still surprise us during the battle) and in his adult drawings he can make her look so naughty and still so beautifull… Mavruda is damn powerfull…

Now before the second version and if you are curious to can join Mavruda’s site (here) for more of his art. By joining you can discover all his illustration and more surprising fetishes and also have the original version of all illustrations he made for the “wallpaper calendar“. You can also visit his HentaiFoundry account (here) if you are curious to see more before join and maybe give him a little comment, you know it’s also nice to hear that people love what you do (work for Mavruda and me too). Oh yeah… ^^

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