Nintendo – Peach N°29

Well, A free raffle started: “Your dream by Linakiri” and still a huge lack of participants after a week. A way to win a totally free illustration and make some of your (kinky) fetishes come true but nothing. It seem some don’t understand or noticed about the contest, other are not into pokemon so can’t find ideas (that’s understandable) and other don’t have interested for the raffle. Must admit I feel depressive.

I promoted the event on my deviantart profile and Lunakiri too but no answer from this side. I wanted to find a way to make visitors participate and also win a free illustration and made an impression in the blog. But after 5th editions I can’t say it’s a success… U_u


Today it’s a day sweet and lovely duo with Peach by SoulArt45, both are so adorable with cute face and also can’t miss these garterbelt. The mix into cuteness and sexiness really make a powerfull combo and the result is amazing… It’s the 29th illustration I received of Rosalina and Peach, but for people who want to say “Again” I’ll answer that’s the best point. Each artist his own style and idea so it also look different. I love how they look with SoulArt45‘s style… Thanks so much… (^o^)/

And about style, I must admit SoulArt45 one is really interesting. Maybe close to manga style but really more lovely. Peach look so joyfull and this little smile for Rosalina make her more mysterious but still so adorable. Also love the feeling moving from top tp bottom, two adorable faces, some perfect breasts (and nice view too), after that it’s the dress who are wonderfull and kinda shorter to end with a last sexy touch. I wonder if we can say that SoulArt45‘s drawing is ecchi or still so soft, maybe soft ecchi… What your opinion guys?

Now the last thing I want to say is that you must take a look to SoulArt45’s gallery (here) So much adorable and lovely ladies but as if his illustration with Rosalina and Peach is one of the sexiest he made, it’s not the sexiest. But sincerely, this one from SoulArt45 is still my fav… Oh yeah… XD

Artist: SoulArt45  /  Cost: 0$ (request)

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