#208 OC – Memsa

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I just take a look to my adsence account and since I put add on the blog (I know it’s ugly, sorry), in more than 6 mouths I earned 5$, that’s interesting but not enough to ask commissions and an other really bad point, I can’t ask for a payment before reach 70$ so not sure it will happened soon… T_T

Google adds work with the ratio into views and clicks, so with only 3-4 clicks each month it’s not really powerfull so a little click on the right must be great, thanks in advance guys and have a nice moment here… ^^

And about ” nice “, I happy show you a new awesome drawing drew by PrismSky and ordered by Tallon especially for the blog. It’s the 3th time Tallon contribute to the blog and there is and other drawing who is already finished, this is just amazing, thanks so much for your support Tallon… Your so nice… (^o^)/

Tallon don’t help me requesting drawings with Rosalina, he buy commissions to greats artists, some I already know but a little expensive for me so you can understand how I am happy receive these drawing… And this time the amazing artist is PrismSky who drew Rosalina with Memsa who is an original character of PrismSky. Precisely her OC and Mascot on Hentaifoundry; She’s going to be my guinea pig for upcoming porn!.

Don’t know if it’s Tallon who request Rosalina with Memsa, that’s not me who commissioned this one, though it really nice see OC, there is often greats surprises with lovely character… Memsa is a really beautifull and cute character, Rosalina is so lucky having this romantic (and pretty hot) time with her.

Memsa and Rosalina expressive and adorable with these faces. PrismSky really have a great style and other detail, I love lingerie so Memsa look really sexy like this…An other awesome drawing for the blog, hope you like it guys and don’t forget the ad please (I hate financial conclusions)… T_T

Artist: PrismSky / Cost: ??? (Gift by Tallon)
Contact PrismSky for commission at sullivan.antonia@ymail.com

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