#207 – Black Lagoon – Balalaika

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I continued clean my mailbox and bad surprise, I found an other drawing with Rosalina I received for my blog, it’s not the drawing who is bad but I totally missed this one waiting since april in my mailbox… Same thing than nehmyncolad illustration, it’s now on the blog but for the delay, not good… I hope it’s the last I missed… T_T

All my apologize to Genericpetname who deleted his hentai account so no link, no bonus… Nothing… Hope his email already work but for the moment, not time to cry but enjoy what Genericpetname created, a really sexy situation with Rosalina and Balalaika from Black Lagoon… It’s the second girl of this series who meet Rosalina, after Revy by Lanthanides (see it here) I have now Balalaika as request… That’s so nice… (^o^)/

Black Lagoon have a lot of interesting characters, after Balalaika and Revy I hope have a day Eda (nun are so sexy), Shenhua (love chinese dress) and Roberta (maid are so hot too)… In fact a hot drawing involving a maid and a nurse must be so powerfull… It’s an idea… Halloween is coming… XD

Thanks again to Genericpetname for his awesome participation, the way he drew Rosalina so pure, innocent but sexy at the same time is incredible… I must find him again and show you his new gallery… Oh yeah…

Artist: Genericpetname / Cost: 0$ (request)
No link for the moment, sorry… T_T

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