Nintendo – Peach N°27

My pokedex on pokemon X/Y is close to the end (690/718) as if  I will have some troubles for pokemons like Victini, Arceus, Mew… Etc… I hope the pokedex of “Where is my pokemon?” will be so powerfull a day and Rosalina will meet so much pokemon ladies… Oh yeah…

I must find more artist to take part of the project but I had some troubles with the last I commissioned. He sent me the money back and blocked me saying “it’s too much for a mediocre artist like me“… Surprising… O_o


Today is the first of two illustration made by a really powerfull artist on Deviantart who finally deleted his account because it was too much popular. In fact, Dat-Pervert created a second profile on Deviantart to show is ecchi illustration and in less than a month he received more favs, comments and followers than in soft account who is more than 2 years old so he was kinda embarassed with it.

As me for the blog, I can’t show it to all my friends or familly (not use to talk about my boss), I also have a soft version of the blog: but when one have 10 views per days and the other is close to 500, no choice. Must must focus on the main blog and completly stop it before it become too much important and addictive. I wasn’t able to stop this blog and after two years it’s not impossible for me to forget the Rosalina x Girl project but Dat-Pervert decided to stop it and  continue focus on something he love and also proud to share to everybody arround him.

This illustration is a request he accepted o make for the blog. at start he wanted to draw Rosalina alone and finally wanted to add a second character. I’m really lucky because it was 50-50 between a man or a girl. don’t remember exactly Dat-Pervert’s comment and his accoutn is now deleted so can’t find it again but it’s so powerfull that he finally make a lovely and sensual yuri duo. thanks sooo much…/

The second illustration from Dat-Pervert is a commission featuring Rosalina and Temari, I hope before this one I will have more infos for you like his main account to give you a like and let you enjoy his art. It will be really soft but Dat-Pervert have a beautifull style and I’m sure he made so lovely and adorable illustration… Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: Dat-Pervert  /  Cost: 0$ (Request)
Account desactivated – No link available

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  1. SagashiIndustries

    i’ve got a Victini and an Arceus. Can’t really help you with the Mew, I’m afraid.

    1. Rosalina x Girl

      Woah,that’s impressive. I found a Phione and Meloetta, now I’ll see if someone will acept my shiny Floette for a Mew but really need to find these two a day… °w°

    2. SagashiIndustries

      we should set up a time for trading them

    3. Rosalina x Girl

      And what do you want fo these two pokemons? I don’t have something so powerfull for you. Just if you accept to send me tese and I’ll give your pokemon back. I habe Meloetta and Phione if you are interested to have these in you pokedex.

      In fact all I ave is here:

      And here is my friend code, please give me your:
      0774 – 4315 – 1238

      Last thing, my name on the game is “Rosalina.B”… Of course… XD

  2. SagashiIndustries

    I actually have your Friend Code already. I’m not too picky on what you send me, actually. Do you have skype? We could set it up there

    1. Rosalina x Girl

      Yeah, will be easier in that way…
      My skype ID is chibi-falso

      And will my profile picture it wont be a probleme to “recognize” me.


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