Naruto – Temari N°4

I sad that I decide to cancel March calendar due to an accident wich made Mavruda‘s right hand injured. I wanted him to take a break and stay calm but it seem this powwerfull artist is so much resistant than I thought. Mavruda‘s already draw the two illustration for the next calendar and it may come her soon… A little late but it will be epic for sure… °w°

I also foudn an artist who was looking to trade a pokemon (suicune) for an illustration. At start if was only for a solo pin-up but I helped her to complete her pokedex and she offered me to draw a duo… Must be an interesting way to find new illustrations…


Now after the Rosalina and Peach, here is the second illustration made by Dat-Pervert. He published some lotion play illustration and with a little fetish fo messy I asked him if he can make one with this style for the blog. In fact Dat-Pervert just openned commission asking 1$ for the illustration (yeah, incredibly cheap), wanted to make 5 commissions to earn 5$. He made a so powerfull illustration that I directly gave her the 5$ for this illustration but I still have the feeling that it’s not fair. Dat-Pervert really deserves more for this piece, and I’m sure you agree.

By the way, I promised you to ask Dat-Pervert about his other account on Deviantart to have a link allow you to enjoy more of his art but it didn’t happened as I expected. Dat-Pervert answered to my mail saying “I started to upload to DA again but I was banned. They even banned my normal non-ecchi account“… I’m a little surprised that D.A. deleted a soft account, generally they do it with ecchi or hentai artist but can’t verefy so I must believe Dat-Pervert… So bad… U_u

I also asked him about commissions, after this beautifull piece I wanted to know if he was still ready for some requests. As if it must be soft piece, Dat-Pervert have a great style so I really wanted  him to draw Rosalina again. Once again, the answer was a really bad new “I’m still interested in commissions but after I’m done with them I’m quitting all together“. I’m really sad how it turn but also knwo I was lucky to find him before he diseapear. Thought I don’t want him to disapear, he’s so telented…

Artist: Dat-Pervert  /  Cost: 0$ (Request)
Account desactivated – No link available

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