#405 – Solo – Chinese dress

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It’s not because Chinese new year is over that we can’t give a beautifull chinese dress to Rosalina. This beautifull illustration made by Ediiee who had the kindness to participate to the project with a so cute and adorable Rosalina… she’s so beautifull and her shy face really add a lovely innocent touch.

I also love chinese dress, it’s a particular design but really beautifull kind of clothes. As me it make ladies so sensual and of course if you make it short like Ediiee did, it also add a little sexy touch but I’m sure it wont be a problem for you guys. The mix into sexiness and cuteness is always a really powerfull combo and the result is impressive. Thanks sooo much Ediiee… (^o^)/

Ediiee also did an excellent job with colors, as if rosalian’s original dress ifs blue I must admit red clothes suit really nice on her. Albeit I really prefer this one to the fire suit she have on Mario 3D world, I also love so much this color as if I don’t like blood… Do you think it’s surprising?

Once again, thanks so much Ediiee, I know an illustration really need so much time and efforts so like the result you can be sure he worked so much on this piece. Just hope it was fun to do… Also, if you want more lovely and pretty sexy ladies don’t hesitate to visit Ediiee’s gallery (here) and why not let a little comment. As if it’s short you can be sure it’s always a powerfull support for artists and they really deserve it… Oh yeah…

Artist: Ediiee  /  Cost: 0$ (Request)

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