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I played so much at pokemon this week, my pokedex start to look quite powerfull as I I don’t know how to find so legendaries like Meloetta, Victini or Arceus, I know Nintendo won’t give them again so I’m not sure I will be able to find these… Maybe if you have one to trade drop a comment… °w°

There is also a Trainer I love in this new Pokemon version: Valerie. I love so much her style and design, she’s so beautifull but as if there is some greats fanarts of hr around the net it’s rare to have her as full body wearing her high heels, and I love these lolita shoes… Must ask some pieces of her with Rosalina ibn the future… Maybe kinky if you prefer… °w°


Today a lovely Rosalina I received from Kukunia92 as prize for her 20k kiriban. In fact there was some mistake with results so instead a full body piece for the winner she drew two busts. Not sure I was the true winner it was really powerfull to be able to ask for a Lovely rosalina… And Kukunia92 made one sooooo adorable…. (^o^)/

At start when Kukunia92 said it will be a sketch I wasn’t sure about the result, dependign the artist it can be so rough that you don’t see a lot and other draw sketchs so amazing like you can think it’s the final version. Kukunia92 made one really clean and detailled, it was a beautifull surprise. I also love this so cute and adorable Rosalina with a shy expression and the sexy touch with the ribbon on her bust… I’m sure you agree that cuteness and sexiness make an amazing combo… And this combo on Rosalina, it’s the best… °w°

It’s always so hard to focus on a kiriban, need to keep eyes open as if it’s time to sleep and your have the keyboard printed on your face or sometimes need to go to work (late) and rush to be sure we didn’t miss it. That’s really hard but with artists like Kukunia92 we know that the prize must be epic… Also, we can see that Kukunia92 worked so much on this piece and made and impressive Rosalina so it’s a huge thanks to her… Oh yeah…

Now after this lovely piece I hope you want to see more from Kukunia92, especially if this one is just a sketch so imagine how colored pieces can be amazing (and they are). You can also commission her, like her pricelist a one-color bust is at 3$ a a full color character cost 16$… More infos about commissions here and don’t hesitéte to take a look and post a nice comment on Kukunia92‘s illustrations. Artists really needand deserve great feedback… ^^

Artist: Kukunia92  /  Cost: 0$ (Kiriban)

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