#297 – Nintendo – Peach N°21

I don’t really know what happened to google adsence rules but at start I earned like 1-2$ per month with the publicity now I’m at 0.20$… Not good… I really need to find some sponsors or help if I want a “level up” for the blog but I don’t have idea about how I can do it. I asked it to 2-3 sites but they never answer me and I don’t want to add more pubs on the blog. It’s not the main objective… Don’t hesitate to comment if you have an advice for me or maybe a little click on the ad on the right must be lovely, thanks guys…

Today it’s a lovely Rosalina and Peach by chung. Generally I receive soft drawings by artists in deviantart, publish them in the soft blog (see it here) and finally add the post here but chung is from Hentaifoundry so this time the drawing will be here at first… sorry guys no porn this time but I’m sure (hope) than you can also love something more cute and romantic… ^^

I think Peach and Rosalina is the more popular duo I know. Actually with this one chung made it’s the 21th Rosalina and Peach I have but you can be sure this one will be the cutest of the series. It remember me free hugs during the Japan Expo, it was really funny but you have to be careful because in some signs I saw “Free kick ass”…

Thanks so much for your drawing chung and sorry for the long time to publish it and don’t hesitate to tale a look at his profile and gallery, the rest of is art is not so gentle and soft. By the way I’m curious why Peach is so cute and happy but Rosalina look embarrassed or pensive. There is something I missed ?

Artist: chung / Cost: 0$ (Request)

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