#296 – Pokemon – #282 Gardevoir

At start the video was delayed because the weather, like the script I need to be outdoor with a perfect sun and for the moment we don’t really see the sun but sincerely for the moment I don’t have the mind to work on it so I’m sorry to say but I’m not sure the video will be finish for April. Sorry for all waiting and thanks for all you support the project… ^^

All my apologizes to TheGentlemenlySpy who drew this amazing Rosalina and Gardevoir because I’m not happy to admit it but this drawing was waiting since more than a month. Due to some important publications and a busy month and it’s not the only. I’m really sorry everybody but you can be sure it won’t continue on that way, time to be a good manager and blogger, Oh yeah…

After a great Rosalina x Eevee (see it here), she now meet a new particular pokemon, I hope you noticed than Gardevoir have a really similar hair style than Rosalina and it was a long time I wanted to show this pairing. Thanks so much TheGentlemenlySpy for this amazing piece, it was a really powerfull surprised, hot and sensual with two beautifull ladies… Just amazing… (^o^)/

The only trouble I have with this drawing is for the counter in the main post, I count this Gardevoir as a new girl but may I count her as gijinka too, I think the answer is “no” but I’m a little confused. There is so much artists who draw pokemons as pokemon or as gijinka and sometimes it’s not easy to find the difference. Gardevoir look to a “human” but there is a gijinka version of her?

For the moment this one is only the third drawing than TheGentlemenlySpy published in his hentaifoundry account, the first is a hot Morrigan vs. Bosmer and the second a great and damn sexy colored Misty so don’t hesitate to take a look and let a fav or comment to support him. TheGentlemenlySpy have a great style and must continue on that way so a little comment must be really helpfull… Don’t say here and do it guys… ;p

Artist: TheGentlemenlySpy / Cost: 0$ (Request)

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