#295 – Original – Draghixa

Like I said in twitter, at start I planned to make the second video on the blog on Friday, script is done and I already know the place but like the weather it will be impossible to do it this week and I hope it will be good for the next week or I’ll be late to publish the video. I’m lucky than I didn’t announced a date to publish it but if everything fine it will be done for next week-end, stay turned guys… ^^

Yesterday it was a futa Peach and Rosalina in the bonus page (see it here), not futa come again to give a lot of pleasure to Rosalina (though I’m not sure it Rosalina who will have more pleasure). A huge thanks to Amigo Terahashi for this amazing piece showing Rosalina (of course) and his OC Draghixa…

Amigo Terahashi made a little event to celebrate the 100th fan in hentaifoundry, there was a chance to win a free request so I try, like Coax contest than you can see the post here I was’t sure havea huge chance but finally Amigo Terahashi drew Rosalina… that’s so powerfull… (^o^)/

A little quote from Amigo Terahashi‘s publication: ‘Back in December, Harmonie_Rosalina responded to my 100th fan request by asking for a picture of Rosalina and another female character for me to decide. I decided to take this freedom and place one of my OC’s, Draghixa, as the other piece of picture. Draghixa would take great pleasure in being the first through Rosalina’s royal gate. I ended up going a bit beyond the bounds of what I promised. I think I did this with three shading layers and three brightness layers. Also, experimenting heavily with using Hue/Saturation adjustment layers for shadows instead of the tried and true multiply layers.

Rosalina and Draghixa look amazing, especially with their expressions. Rosalina look innocent and surprised about what happend and Draghixa wont let her any chance and must have a lot of fun. A little crual for Rosalina but that’s so hot and Amigo Terahashi did an amazing work with coloration, light and shadows, this drawing is gorgeous.. °w°

If you want to see more with Draghixa you can find more with her in Amigo Terahashi‘s gallery and you can also ask him commission if you are interesting. Like his pricelist a drawing like this must cost like 50$ but like the result and quality I think it’s a really great deal. Don’t forget than a drawing need a really lot of time and you can be sure artists don’t work for 20$ per hour… ^^

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