#298 – Tales of Vesperia – Rita Mordio

At start my English level was really bad and my vocabulary limited so it was really more fast to spam because I didn’t have a lot of things to say in my comments. I wasn’t really confident and understandable so “nothing more to say” but now I have the power to have really interesting discutions with my friends and artists so can’t spam so much at the start of the RosalinaxGirl project but finally it’s more fun in that way… The blog is more slow but I’m still really motivated to continue it and wont let it die… ^^

Today it’s a new drawing than I was really excited to publish, drew by the amazing and lovely Eromanboy. He already illustrated Rosalina twice: first time here and second time here but also made a little remix of the Rosalina’s observatory song than I used at the end of the first video. By the way don’t hesitate to look at the video and let a little comment before I’ll publish the next (it’s here).

About Eromanboy, at start I only knew his artist name, his blog (see it here) and Hentaifoundry account but recently he decided to “open the path from this side to who I really am“. It was an amazing surprise to discover the true Eromanboy also named Toni Minkkinen and his main blog: Ordinarium. Don’t hesitate to take a look, especially if you like metal, he did some really amazing songs and albums, don’t miss it guys… °w°

Now it’ time to talk a little about the artwork featuring Rosalina and Rita Mordio from Tales of Vesperia. This game is one of the favorite of Eromanboy and since rita is in my wishlist it was a good deal and it was also an amazign surprise. thanks so much my friend… (^o^)/

I you saw the previous drawings with Rosalina than Eromanboy made, you must admit this one is a huge level up. At start his more powerfull illustration was with his OC Iqila (see it here). So much details and amazign colours (I also have a little fetish for wet girls) but now Rosalina and Rita are really the number one… I hope you like it guys and don’t hesitate to take a look at Eromanboy blogs for more amazing stuff and let a little comment. You never take the time write a little note here so why not support a little artists who contribute… ^^

Artist: Eromanboy / Cost: 0$ (gift)
Main blog: http://0rdinarium.blogspot.fr
Adult blog: http://www.eromanboy.blogspot.fr
Hentaifoundry: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Eromanboy/profile

Added to wishlist: Lara croft and Samantha Nishimura from Tomb Raider (see it here)


  1. Eromanboy

    Haven’t been too productive lately, especially on the ordinarium’s side. I really look foward to making some gameplay videos, but I still haven’t received my mic. I ordered it at least a month ago, but apparently there’s some problems on the production of those mics.

    The reason I’m more active as an hentai artist might be because I’m more popular here. xP

    1. Rosalina x Girl

      Eh eh, I understand what you mean, the soft blog have 50 views per day and the main can reach 500 views but people are not her for the same thing if you understand what I mean… ^^

      Oh, gameplay videos… I’m really curiosu to see it. What games you want to show ?

    2. Eromanboy

      500 a day o_O that’s amazing. I have like one to twenty a day or so.

      I don’t really know. I’ve got tons of games on my steam. I’ll most likely just play a different game everytime. 😀

    3. Rosalina x Girl

      Yeah but people are here for… You know… ^^
      As exemple the video just reached 200 views in two months… Not the same thing… U_u


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