Mortal Kombat – Sindel & Sheeva

September 2014

Soft version

Adult version

Holidays are over, time to go back to work and at school and for Mavruda it’s now time to come back and continue amaze us with his calendar wallpapers. This break wasn’t planned for July and August but you can be sure Mavruda really need time an support at this time. Don’t hesitate take a look at his site and why not ask him a commission on HentaiFoundry (here).

About this new calendar, I’m sure you recognize these “dangerous” ladies from Mortal Kombat. It seem that Rosalina wanted to prepare Smash Bros. and found some fighter to learn new techniques she can use to dominate and surprises her future opponents (love that confident smile on the safe illustration) but Mavruda seem kinda cruel and finally she didn’t received the kind of training she expected… Nintendo universe is perverted with internet but it’s still a soft place… In general… XD

Once again thanks so much for all your efforts Mavruda, I always give him a rough theme and he have powerfull ideas, beautifull bikes on May, able to mix pokemon and mario golf on June and now it’s an epic trio. Both illustrations are excellent, a funny touch on the SFW and I love that face and spanking action on the NSFW one, she’s like a child who did something mad and poor Rosalina, it just started…

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