#450 – Solo – Rosalina Pin-up sketch

Now the video is done, it was more than a month later than what I planned but better later than never. I know it’s not so powerfull as previous one as if I’m kinda happy how turned the intro but didn’t wanted to made something so long an anoying. Now I’m waiting for your feedback guys… ^^

And little bonus, a close-up of Rosalina face on the comic, to make this expression Ska Jr Zombie used an old episode of the Sailor Moon anime and the result is so funny… XD


Damn, it has been 4 days since I posted the video, time goes so fast and I missed the new publication must be for today so there is a late post, really sorry. I’m lucky that there is a huge difference into France and America so will come on afternoon for some of you… Now time to enjoy a new illustration by the still so lovely an adorable Tetisuka… ^^

To celebrate her 100th fan on Hentaifoundry (and you can be sure it’s just the start), Tetisuka made a sketch raffle so for sure I was in asking for a Rosalina illustration. As you can see it was accepted and I have so a so beautifull as sexy pinup… Roslaina with some lingerie, high heels and a sensual pose… Tetisuka really made a marvelous drawing… (^o^)/

I really love this illustration and it seem that Tetisuka also enjoying working on it so that a great post, the more important as me is the artist have fun and freedom, it’s more fair in the way and I must admit I’m also really bad to find great ideas. Also if you are curious, it’s not the first Rosalina that Tetisuka, first was the commission with Anna and Elsa from Frozen (on the left), I hope you remember it guys… ^^

After that if you want more feel free to take a look to Tetisuka’s gallery (here) but you can also let her make your sexy dreams come true with commission, 25$ for a colored full body but for less expensive lineart and screentone also look excellent. As you can see with the trio she really work hard on each commissions and the result is just epic… Oh yeah…

Artist: Tetisuka  /  Cost: 0$ (raffle)

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