#684 – Last kiss to Winry

It was the last con of the year in my city and also another occasion to wear my Rosalina cosplay to make the world discover about that ravishing princess. It’s so sweet when explaining to children that Rosalina is the protector of Galaxy and Luma showing my little plushie that they all want to to get. Also had the surprise find a crossplayer dressed as Peach that you can see in the photo.
A lot of cosplay and friends but the best was to meet Merethide and see her drawing for the first time. Long time don’t see her on the site but she have an important place being the first artists ever that contributed to my Rosalina x Girl project with Rosalina and Rosetta (see it here). Thanks for coming here Merethide… \(^o^)/


New illustration with a little sad tittle, it don’t mean Rosalina can never be paired with Winry again but this illustration was made by Monteferro that get his account deleted on Deviantart. I fell sad cause don’t know any way to contact him to show him this publication and also ask if he moved to a new place that I can link here. Please tell me if you know a way contact Monteferro or what happened to him, and let him discover about this post that I must admit he had to way for so long… U_u
I really love the sensuality Monteferro putted in this illustration and how you can imagine it moving. Winry hand holding Rosalina that have her leg slowly moving behind her little partner pushing her and holding Winry tightly. Also they aren’t really kissing here but some sweet licks from Winry to tease Rosalina moving a little closer to this princess moth each time before give her a long and warm kiss. Anyway all we can imagine here keep it sensual and romantic from the illustration itself but for sure it’s sure that start and they will have lot of fun together. °w°
Skin colors and shadding are also excellent as for hairs, Monteferro made it really detailed and there is a realistic touch that turn really powerfull. The pose also make it like artistic nudity since breasts and pussy are hidden from the bra, leg and arm but we can still enjoy those sweet curved that make a lady body so magic calling for sweet caresses and sensuality. Once again thanks so much to Monteferro for this marvelous illustration and I hope he’ll be able see the post a day so please, please tell if you know how to contact him.

Artist: Monteferro / Cost: 0$ (request)
No links available, his D.A. www.Monteferro.deviantart.com was deleted

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