#683 – Sweet friend from the ocean

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Some troubles happened recently since the site was down on December 5th for 20-30mn. There was a bug when I logged to work on the last post and seem it corrupted some files that blocked all the site. At this moment all you were able to see was a blank page with ‘Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress‘, luckily it was fixed and also a good reminder to make more saves of the side database.
Also discovered a little game on android device named ‘Potion maker‘ that is simple but really cute and may see to create a series based on the game characters and more exactly their outfits that have a really nice design. Wonder if anyone here know about the game btw?


Now let’s enjoy JamilSC11‘s sweet and addictive style one more time with another lovely pokemon duo with the alternative version that all little perverts must enjoy. After Pichu (see it here) it’s time for Rosalina to go deep in the ocean meet Azumarill. Another sweet piece with both ladies like lovely pin-up close to each other that make it even more sensual and sure intimate for the alternative version. I hope you like this new illustration JamilSC11 created as me guys.
Also for sure no one can miss the sexy version of this illustration, for sure both naked showed the perfect curves of their sweet body is kinda hot but with JamilSC11 style it’s always keep some sweetness and instead of something explicit we keep that mix into cuteness and sexiness that is so marvelous as always. The background was a really unexpected surprise and beatifull (as it looks) surprise, anyway JamilSC11 know how tease us with lingerie and high heels on both version as Azurill expression that let us imagine she have some ideas to have fun once she’ll be in a more intimate place with that innocent princess… Love that detail… °w°
Here you can discover about the sketch and a little question for ya guys, doesn’t Azumarill without her tail remind you a bunny-girl? After this post the next step will be to upgrade “Where is my pokemon?” page with recent pieces I got, for now a huge thanks and hug to JamilSC11 that also do her best to draw Rosalina and her friend in so powerfull way. Stay tuned for more (cause there must have) and also why not visit JamilSC11’s main page and gallery: so many so adorable ladies sometimes with that spicy touch little perverts will enjoy. Finally the best wat to discover what she can do is let her make your dream come true with regularly new interesting commissions offer/deals… Oh yeah…. \(^o^)/

Artist: JamilSC11 / Cost: special commission bonus

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