#666 – Gymnastic chibi

princess rosalina Nintendo chibi Olympic game gymnastic ribbon chibi
October 22th Special… Happy birthday to Suika… \(^o^)/

Not the post as announced, I’ll explain soon ‘sorry about that). Also here is the 666th post, I’m sure you know all the reputation of that number and hope wont curse the blog (anyway the usb forgotten can be linked). I’m kinda safe from DDOS attacks or brute force login for now and it must continue that way… ^^’


Let’s try to fight against the malediction with a so ravishing chibi Rosalina made by JamilSC11. That Gymnastic suit is from from Mario and Sonic at Olympic game, Rio edition. First time Rosalina join this series and I hope she will appear in next episodes. That suit is so wonderfull on Rosalina, kinda show the perfect curved of that princess body and she’s so gracious during gymnastic sports events. Also really love how JamilSC11 drew her ribbon that turn really big and impressive but still so nice and add a dynamic touch, when you come imagine Rosalina twirling with it it’s stunning… °w°
JamilSC11 is so powerfull, able to make some kinky duo to adorable and ravishing chibis, to see more you can see all her Rosalina art here and Deviantart gallery here. That way I can mix some kinky and lovely content on the blog cause as if I can’t deny I’m a little pervert Rosalina don’t need to be naked with open legs to be marvelous (you got the idea) so a bit of sweetness is always nice. I hope you like it and keep in mind JamilSC11 often do commission deals with free chibi reward. They sure are powerfull deal and kinda a reason you’ll definitely see a lot more from her on the blog. XD

Artist: JamilSC11 / Cost: special commission bonus

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