#658 – Lovely surprise

I’ll get some free time this week-end and must use it to find new artists as if I received some wonderfull pieces recently and can’t wait to show them but artists are already waiting. For now you’ll have to wait a little but I’m sure you’ll enjoy all that content coming, so much talented artists that worked hard for the project… Oh yeah… °w°
Must see to also update the gallery page but create all thumbnail one by one need some time that I can’t find since I now lost all privacy on my actual place. Hard to be a pervert with someone looking over your shoulder all day, be sure it’s huge pain with time and wont get my own place quickly… >.<


Little mistake on previous post, it was Symmetra announced for this one until I fixed it (thanks Lunakiri) but it’s JamilSC11‘s turn today with a ravishing bust she offered me as gift as thanks for all commissions I asked her , I feel so honored and happy with that adorable Rosalina (how can’t be in love when she looks at you that way), thanks so much for this awesome present JamilSC11 I love it soooo much… \(^o^)/
I generally ask for wip to see how the illustration evolve with time and how artists work, you really can learn interesting things from them but this time JamilSC11 just sent me the final version so a little special cause I don’t know anything about the illustration. Maybe just that I must really change my name in deviantart but I wont pay 3 month membership just to change it and have to and follow again all artist I actually do as JamilSC11… O_o
Thanks again for this powerfull gif as if honestly I feel more it’s me that have to thanks to JamilSC11 for her persistent kindness and awesome commission offers that allow me get great content for the blog, you can see all she drew for the project here,for sure more to come and don’t miss take a look at JamilSC11’s profile to see her actual commission offers and don’t miss let her make your (art) dreams come to reality… Oh yeah…

Artist: JamilSC11 / Cost: special commission bonus

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