#657 – Does princesses can pout?

As you can see, at the end of each post I link the illustration that was posted a year ago, little way make you discover older pieces but since on September 2015 google destroyed my blog and took me a month move and prepare this new place there wasn’t any publications, so no links or will be those I posted two years ago. ^^’
Also reordered 2015/2016 illustrations cause my system wasn’t really good with time. most of the images links were broken after that and I did my best fix them but if you see one I missed, feel free put a comment if you see a mistake on the post and that way it can be back to normal quickly. Thanks.


Today come a pin-up I was sure I already published but wasn’t able find it on the blog so seem I did a little mistake with it on my side. I received it from Adeedas that also worked on the duo with Widowmaker from Overwatch (see the post here). Then I’m glad I noticed that and can make you discover about this ravishing piece, Rosalina so beautifull as always in a drawing mixing some sexy and funny touch, anyway I’m sorry for the delay Adeedas… U_u
It’s always powerfull when artists are able mix cuteness and sexiness in a single illustration as Adeedas did here. Rosalina hair with his style are more voluptuous like a pretty and bit sophisticated lady looking at us (and I don’t know how to react), on other side you have some perfect legs and a bit of lingerie. The last part that is my favorite is the busty touch, not just cause she have so perfect breasts that I want to fondle but it’s like one boob, two boobs and after that a cute Luma that come and say “Boo!!”. Don’t know if Adeedas really thought that way but when you are able to figure it, that detail is so cool… XD
In fact there is only Rosalina’s mouth that confused me when I received the sketch, it give her a particular expression so I told about my feeling to Adeedas and he answered ‘the mouth does look abit off, still it works. I guess she was going for a pout‘. I must admit he’s kinda right with that point (and made me learn a new word btw), on a way it’s kinda part of the artist style and also give Rosalina a new expression I never saw before and I’m amazed artists are always able amaze and surprise me however how long I started this project. Also don’t miss enjoy discover his awesome gallery on Deviantart and why not support him on patreon.

Artist: Artist: Adeedas / Cost: 25$
Patreon: www.patreon.com/Trifoi
Deviantart: www.adeedas.deviantart.com

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