#656 – Carrionslut mascot hiding dangerous secret

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Also curious that it seem some people don’t receive the newsletter, for example with last one it was good for gmail but yahoo users didn’t get it. I regularly check if the site is blacklisted or not and seem not but must make a double check with both domain and ip to be sure. Just don’t know how to find the website/domain ip. O_o
Edit: Working on this post I found a way get the website ip and after some check I got that I’m blacklisted but only in a few place so not that dramatic… Then I wonder why or who did that… >.<


This illustration by Carrionslut was originally announced to be on the previous post and bit delayed cause rushing on the naughty princess trio (see it here), anyway now time to let you discover about a new girl with special abilities that Rosalina didn’t expected but when you are so ravishing and pretty princess meeting someone naughty then sure Carrionslut can’t resit to the temptation make her OC play a bit and abuse Rosalina body. ^^
If your are curious about that particular girl, she’s Carrionslut‘s OC and her name is Carrionslut, also when you know than she describe herself saying ‘Im a perv and i love tentacles‘ you kinda understand about her tentacle ability and she drew that OC as an anime version of herself. If you take time visit her gallery, you’ll see more about Carrionslut‘s mascot so sexy and naughty but sometimes a bit more scary and also some photos of the artist herself that have so beautifull panties (I’m not lingerie lover for nothing) and then you can easily find some similarities into the creator and her OC. ^^
As you can see, Carrionslut made 3 versions for this illustration (thanks so much) but curious detail that only the SFW version have fyll shadings compared to the other versions only with flat colors. Anyway some bonus come as extra tentacles pleasing Rosalina and a crazy expressing for that little princess that seem really enjoy it. Also as messy lover it’s so powerfull to have a creamy version, not easy get some sticky cum on a yuri project bur Carrionslut‘s tentacles help a lot… XD
I was looking to find more info about Carrionslut‘s mascot and must admit I’m kinda scary after having seen this illustration (on the right) and the description telling she ‘A ghoul that likes to draw dicks and titties and eat flesh occasionally‘. What do do if she feel hungry after that little play and decide to eat Rosalina… Anyway wont be easy defeat a badass princess from Smash Bros. as if you have strong tentacles, then I hope Carrionslut with keep an eye on her little OC the time I come protect Rosalina, just in case… O_o

Artist: Uxdragon / Cost: 42$
Tumblr (NSFW):www.carrionslut.tumblr.com
DeviantArt (SFW): www.carrionslut.deviantart.com

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