#659 – Huge candies addiction

I’ll be out of town for the two week-end coming (family obligations), I’ll prepare the blog to be updated with planned posts and hope wont be any mistakes cause no way fix them and I know the great potential I have to make them. Newsletters and bonus for patreon members will be edited once I’m back on Sunday evening (and afternoon for US).
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It’s a double “yeah” for this publication, first I have a new illustration made by FYREN to show you and also cause after Sergent CALHOUN (see it here) I have now the second main character from Wreck-It Ralf joining Rosalina. Vanellope is a tiny girl but already know to give lot of fun to that ravishing princess and also a really powerfull show for us, thanks so much for that kinky piece FYREN… \(^o^)/
Vanellope is a small girl kinda as kid with her personality but I don’t really have the feeling she’s a Lolicon in FYREN drawing, maybe knowing she’ll never grow up and because “older” as a game character, make me wonder how she can look with adult look and if some artists already drew her that way. At last for those that know about the original movie so messy and candy play is sure logical to the character and since they are oversized in the Candy rush world it’s sure make it even more intense. Love Rosalina’s expression here.
FYREN sure did an excellent job with that part, so intense like you can hear her crying getting that huge candy deeper in her ass. The second candy in Vanellope mouth can give many options, for sure a DP sounds logical but if both try to goes in the same tight hole it will be rude for that cute princess.
FYREN offered us wonderfull point of view and perfect princess pussy, the way we can imagine Vanellope pushing the candy deeper and Rosalina crying make it like alive and you can imagine so many things happening next, the other candy giving even more possibilities like each one masturbating with or, Rosalina using then on Vanellope next or that wonderfull DP for those that love it intense. More than a single illustration FYREN really created something that can be a part of a long story with some imagination. What you think can happen in the next scene guys?
Thanks again FYREN for your support on the project, for now you can find most of his art on rule34 and TheDarkSpot (need register) but keep in mind that his main fetish is guro that is really particular and so hard get a great place to show all, I suggested him to create a pixiv account and maybe I’ll have a new link to add a day. ^^

Artist: Fyren / Cost: 0$ (gift)
Rule34: www.rule34.paheal.net/post/list/fyren/1
TheDarkSpot (account needed): www.thedarkspot.com

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