#498 – WiiFit lesson 04 (again)

Actually I’m thinking about the the videos page and especially if I must continue it or not. I made it to add some original way to announce news and explain what happen on the blog, also to show there is a human behind this project who need your feedback and support but videos only get a few views and it look like a duplication with speedpainting page. what is you opinion guys?

Also, sorry to all artists waiting since months to have their illustrations on the blog, everything was reported du to special publications with Rosalina’s birthday, Christmas and new year, now back to normal queued and you can be sure I’ll never forget a Rosalina illustration… Oh yeah… (^o^)/


As promised time for the WiiFit trainer to give a new lesson to Rosalina as if this time it’s more like a redo with new Psicoero‘s style and skills. Like you play the same stage from Wii to WiiU version and it get some improvements but it’s still really powerfull. You can see on the right the first illustration than Psicoero made and just click on it to go to the original post if you want to compare old and new illustration. Which one is your favorite?

Sincerely I love both versions (since all have Rosalina), each one have interesting details; as example, Psicoero made the new one look a little more sketchy but colores are more realistic and love the background, it made the action outdoor so a little more exhibitionnist and kinky.

Psicoero made WiiTrainer more expression on the new one (love her face) compared to Rosalina who looks more calm and serious compared to the first one where she’s kinda crasy face. But I’m sure she still have so naughty ideas in mind to play fwith her friend… Also love Rosalina’s suit that Psicoero created for the new version, look like a cheerleader outfit and suit her really nice. Can’t deny she also look damn sexy wearing it… °w°

I must admit I’m more fan of lingerie in general but Psicoero can design really powerfull clothes…And if you love his style it must be a shame don’t take the time to visit his HentaiFoundry’s gallery. So much gorgeous and damn hot ladies, adding lot of cum and naughty tentacles you must love it. He also made redo of other illustration like the Peach beside, here is the old version, try to find the new one Psicoero recently made… ^^

Artist: Psicoero  /  Cost: 20€/25$
Blogger: www.psicoerosdirtyblog.blogspot.com/
Hentainoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Psicoero/profile

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