#497 – Chipmunk naughty mistress

After several injuries, Lunakiri was ready for a come back and continue her series for the pokemon series or some naughty Rosalina illustrations but the USB port to charge her tablet don’t work and without method to charge the battery, Lunakiri need to replace that. She opened a Crossfunding page (here) to get found and buy a new tablet, feel free to give her a hand or at last take a look to the page for more information about this problem and rewards. Thanks for her

About the blog I’ll edit the Curriculum page soon to add new info due to January Nintendo direct and a new application on Japan 3DS. Also lost my best friend saying I’m a manipulator cause he can’t assume what he did and need a scapegoat. It was a really bad week guys.


I promised you something more kinky after these three lovely illustrations I published before and not time to be amazed by a so talented artist in hentaifoundry who gave me the honor to take part to my project: mushroompus. He had choice for the second girl and picked Gadget from the chipmunk series. If you wonder “why” I’ll just quote mushroompus description: “I’ll say that’s because of my girlfriend – she used to play both mario and that chipmunk game so she suggested Gadget“.

I already know Gadget  but more like the version you can see on the right and never expected to see her with Rosalina a day cause her design and I must admit I was really surprised by mushroompus illustration, able to turn her more human and sexy to keep her so lovely as the original character, both look gorgeous and I love so much the result. The mix into cuteness and sexiness is always so powerfull, thanks so much for this amazing illustration mushroompus… (^o^)/

Two so lovely and pure ladies at start playing naughty games together, Rosalina as pervert mistress using her wand to spank (also the light effect on the wand look excellent) and seem her little pet really enjoy it. mushroompus really made an amazing job with expressions and colors that’s impressive.

Also, both have really different design at start and not so much artist have to power to draw them together but mushroompus and as you can see it’s a success. Also this one is just his second publication on hentaifoundry and feel free take a look to mushroompus’s gallery cause he published so much since this one and never stopped increase his level. This Rosalina and Gadget duo is marvelous and his last publication are even more powerfull. Like mushroompus’s skills and the quality of this art I have no doubt you will love what he does… Oh yeah…

Artist: Mushroompus  /  Cost: 0$ (request)
Tumblr: www.octomush.tumblr.com
Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/mushroompus/profile

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