#518 – Pretty plugged pet

Wishlist and “Where is my pokemon?” page are now up-to-date, now it’s the Curriculum on the queued and also must add some new ladies to the wishlist as Gogo and Lemon from Big Hero 6 for example (Don’t worry I wont forget the aunt). Feel free if you have any suggestions for new series or some who are already listed but with gorgeous ladies missing… ^^


Received some illustrations recently but most of them are for a solo Rosalina… For sure it’s always wonderfull and damn powerfull have more art with her (and I’m sure you will love it guys) but for a yuri blog it’s not the best. Also since solo are not listed of Wishlist page. must find a way to fix that point.
Here is a naughty little toy that I see for the first time on Rosalina and it’s anal plug… Already had some ass play (here), anal breads (here) and a tail but ending more dildo than plug (here). More than 500 illustration and as you can see there is still new way for Rosalina to have some fun and it’s a huge thanks to Alexx777 for this illustration and his kindness… Another artist on the blog, how powerfull… °w°
Can look kinda simple and sketchy but an illustration need so much time and efforts, also the more important isn’t always the quality but illustration and idea itself. I love how Alexx777 imagined and drew Rosalina, that tail plug make her looks like a so sexy raccoon but she keep a lovely and innocent touch on this illustration. As if a part of the suit is missing it don’t feel like exhibitionist and well, I’m sure you also enjoy that sexy touch Alexx777 made… ^^
For sure it look kinda sketchy but love the result and also it was made to be as sketch. In fact Alexx777 do commission (and kinda interesting price) but the powerfull part of his pricelist is that sketches are free (up to 2 characters). Now if uou take a look to his gallery I’m sure you will understand why I asked him about the plug and you will see so much amazing pieces (damn more powerfull as this one). In fact the only think I still don’t understand is why didn’t ask Alexx777 to make a duo for the sketch… Feel so stupid… T_T
Once again for more you can visit Alexx777‘s art on Hentaifoundry, there is more than 70 illustrations and somes stories to if you are ready. Alexx777 also had a tumblr at alexxshadenk777.tumblr.com but it seem it was deleted, so bad but you can still find illustrations on Hentaifoundry so that’s the more important after all… Oh yeah…

Artist: Alexx777 / Cost: 0$ (Sketch request)

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