#513 – Lumas get naughty education

I thought will be easier since I got a job but finally since I live in France and Euro value decreased, now it’s like all my commissions in dollar will be 20% more expensive (really) so it don’t happen as I expected and wont be able to commission so much. Really need more sales on the comic or maybe a sponsor (don’t tell me ask to Nintendo, they will kill me)… ^^
At last to celebrate this new job I said to Ska Jr Zombie that we will be able start the next chapter of “Rosalina’s Delivery Service” in April. Finally will have a chapter 1 with the Vocaloid Haku. Bathroom play, spy and lot of toys for sure (I’ll also ask for some lingerie, no doubt)… °w°


Today here is the last illustration of the “forget series”, I’m not really proud about that especially since I wan’t able to find the artist, he use SweetShashir on his mail but seem he don’t have the same username in HenaiFoundry and impossible to get bak his account… I’ll send him a mail once the post is done and hope I’ll be able to edit it soon with a link…
This nex illustration I received from SweetShashir is kinda special as you can see, no ladies but some dicked Lumas, remember me a piece I received some time ago (Lumas are dangerous). Sincerely I love messy pieces but not easy to have some sweet cum on a yuri piece (at last futa are the best solution) and really prefer see some crazy Lumas than men. SweetShashiridea is interesting and after all they saw her naughty mama do so much things, normal it end like this a day.
Some cutes babies are growing and a naughty mama need to relax a little, for the the result is sooo hot and you can imagine with the army of Luma she have, it must be endless fun. There is also an amazing work with color and lightning, really love how SweetShashir colored Rosalina’s hair, he have an excellent style. A perfect body body and messy touch, for Rosalina Rosalina look wonderfull and as if the look caln, that kind of play and little smile looking at her Luma make her sooo exciting.
Once again SweetShashir, I’m really sorry for that really late publication, like all support and kind words you really don’t deserve that shit from me… Bwaaaa… T_T

Artist: SweetShashir  /  Cost: 0$ (request)
No link available for the moment

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