Google destroyed me but I'm resistant

I started this site on when google announced on February 23th 2015 when blogs with adult contents must be forbidden and deleted. They finally moved mack on March 5th 2015 and I back to blogger as a young and stupid guy to finally have another message on August 26th 2015 to notice my blog was deleted for “Other abuse” without any other information. At this moment I lost access to eveything I created since 4 years and no way to make a save so no choice, I had to forget about blogger/google and come here definitely.
Thanks for wordpress that give me some tools to redo my project as if it’s not really perfect but since it’s not the same as blogger I must reword every posts I was able to save on February and completely redo all pages and posts created after that. So much work so the Rosalina x Girl project is on hold untill October. Also since blogger was fully deleted no way to informe about this place, 4 years of work audience is lost… O_o
To do:
– [Done] Prepare new design and site colors
– [Done] Replace all widgets
– [Done] Redo all posts to february 2015
– [Done] Redo all posts from february 2015 to August 2015
– [Done] Updates links on Wishlist
– Restart gallery page

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