Vocaloid – Yowane Haku N°6

Previous post was with Rosalina and Zelda and coincidence, the day the post appeared on the blog I received a 3DS; Zelda edition. Price was really cheap and interesting but I don’t have the box but it’s like 200$ off in this case so it’s really more interesting at the end. But for the moment, my true fav is the Smash Bros. version. The only 3Ds with Rosalina illustrated on cover… °w°

Also, another Christmas illustration today and not the end so stay turned for the next one who will come really soon. After all 3 days before new year so but no illustration for January 1st. Sorry guys.


Here is the second Christmas illustration of the year, after Zelda using candy cane to make Rosalina’s pussy more tasty and sweet, it’s time for the Vocaloid Haku to play a little with her and decide to turn her as a lovely present with ribbon (I just hope she will send me Rosalina after °w°). It was made by WhiteGuardian and commissioned by Tallon. He had a wonderfull Rosalina dakimakura made for me and after that came with this drawing, he’s just amazing… °w°

Already noticed about WhiteGuardian on HentaiFoundry, he made a lot of great illustrations (I love his singing lady) and other character more surprising like the Cobra princess. For sure he have a great style and that’s powerfull have now his art on the blog. Also if you wonder about Haku, just know that Tallon love her as me with Rosalina. Looking at WhiteGuardian‘s gallery he draw more OC than fanarts so I hope the enjoyed working on this duo.

I was sure I already received a Rosalina illustration with ribbon and found it (illustration on the right) but this one was just a one color sketch bust and now I have a full and even more sexy Rosalina by WhiteGuardian with the help of Haku for sure. What better than santa giving you a present, it’s a lovely santa giving you the more beautifull and sexiest present you can expect. Love WhiteGuardian‘s illustration… ^^

Haku look so sexy as santa, I love her little smile while holding Rosalina (even more sexy) who didn’t expected that kind of playtime for Christmas. I’m just surprised that WhiteGuardian made Haku use super glue instead of scotch tape but Rosalina wont be able remove it so easily.

Both are really expressive, WhiteGuardian did an excellent job and if you want to see more don’t hesitate to take a look to his HentaiFoundry gallery (here) and ask about commission. Referring to his profile description he “have done over 700 commissions from various clients“. Impressive… O_o

Artist: WhiteGuardian  /  Cost: Gift

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