#354 – Tomb Raider – Lara Croft

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2 days left if you want to participate to the suggestion contest event Your dream by Mavruda and win a free illustration. More infos on the page but rules are simple, send me your suggestion and Mavruda will choose his favorite and draw it…  It must be a great opportunity to make your favourite character and fetishes become true.

I also wont have internet during the week-end so can’t answer to your mails or comments but don’t worry, when I will be back I’ll take in consideration all your messages. The event will be close Tuesday and next edition will be for November. I have something planned for October so stay turned guys…


There is so much girls in the wishlist, a lot Rosalina never saw for the moment but sometimes she have so many time with the new girls that they must have a new dating. I received two Rosalina x Lara illustration, completely differents and with some surprises… Oh yeah…

But now it start with gabruele illustration who drew an amazing piece. That’s hot but also romantic. Rosalina and Lara are really beautifull, expressive. You can easilly reconize each girl and it’s not easy when they are naked, there is a lot of people who say that Rosalina and Peach are really similar. I really know Rosalina so for me she’s totally different than Peach but artists make sometimes littles mistakes giving her Peach crown and earing, I also see Rosalina with pink clothes but gabruele didn’t do any error with these details.

So it’s impossible to say it’s Peach but gabruele made an error with Rosalina, I’m sure nobody noticed it but like the origina character, rosalina have an hair lock hidding her right eye and in this case it on her left eye. I said it to gabruele who planned to reverse it but it finally didn’t happened. Not sure why but you can be sure when you made a drawing and work a lot on it, when you reverse it the result look weird. It’s not a huge error and this illustration is still amazing in that way… °w°

Not use to say the other girl is Lara Croft from Tomb Raider (of course). Lara look really beautifull, sexy and seem to be really attentive to give a nice moment to Rosalina. gabruele didn’t draw her  horny licking at Rosalina’s pussy but looking at Rosalina to see if she have pleasure when she’s tonguing her pleasure area. Other nice detail, As me Lara is stronger than Rosalina but the way Rosalina is holding lara ponytail give her the power and made Lara more submissive. Not sure if often happen… ^^

I found gabruele with a really hot drawing of Temari from Naruto pleasuring herself, she’s my favorite girl from this series. Don’t hesitate to take a look to gabruele profile and galerie for more illustrations and great surprises, there is sexy yuri, beautifull girls, more Temari (°o°) and other submission more… Well… Surprising… Are you ready to explore gabruele gallery and found some treasures with Lara?

Artist: gabruele / Cost: 0$ (request)

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