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nintendo mario princess rosalina sexy ecchi lingerie
I’m really sorry for the lack of updates during the week. Generally I do my best to show something new each 2 or 3 days in general but don’t want to let you wait more… Holidays are over so no time for a breack… Let’s go for more Rosalina, again and again… Oh yeah… XD

There is now 4 days before the end of the suggestion contest Your dream by… You just have to let an idea with a little comment or send me a mail at jeremie_blanc@yahoo.fr to participate and if at the end the artist choose you idea… You dream will come true… ^^


This new publication will be a little special because the illustration wasn’t created for the blog. TheRealShadman made a Princess Rosalina pin-up for the “Mario Month” on his site and you can be sure I asked him if I can show this amazing piece here… This drawing must be on the bonus page (see it here) but this so powerfull and gorgeous Rosalina deserves her own post… °w°

You can find this one in TheRealShadman‘s gallery on hentaifoundry but he also made an other version with Rosalina as futa. Sincerely I really prefer the normal version but if you are curious to see it on TheRealShadman‘s site www.shagbase.com or click on he image on the right… Aldo don’t hesitate to let a comment if you love it, it’s always a great supports for artists, they can’t guess what you think about it.

I really love this illustration, Rosalina is so beautifull. Lovely face nice view and I love the transparent effet on her dress, we can enjoy more details of her body and lingerie, she’s sooo sexy… It’s one on the best piece of Rosalina I ever see and damn, TheRealShadman also posted a speedpainting video… It’s like a dream… (^o^)/

Funny detail, I talked with someone on hentaifoudnry about this illustration especially Rosalina’s dress. He said I must “find a cute girl to wear” but with a dress like this, she wont be just a cute girl… Albeit, I agree that idea sound really interesting… XD

Artist: TheRealShadman / Cost: Special

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