#094 – toLoveRu – Momo

Really exciting with this post because the next will be the 100th drawing in my blog, that’s amazing… But to have a 100th, we need a 99th, it’s really important too… XD

So this picture is a commission asked to Sehad, it’s a little expensive comparate to others in the blog but I love his style and really want to have a drawing by this artist, and now it’s done… Enjoy Rosalina x Momo from toLoveRu… (^o^)/

Sehad send me some sketchs and there is always Momo using her tail like this, it’s a really good idea but with this idea in the 3 sketch, it wasn’t hard to choose… And finaly it’s this one, but I post the other sketchs, it not good to drawn something and only delete it, so I prefer post all I have here… But don’t say me I do a wrong choice… This version is my favorite and it’s my commission… ;p

This time there isn’t high heels but transparent clothes… Love this…

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  1. Chris

    Nice commission 🙂


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