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#142 – Code Geass – C.C.

princess Rosalina nintendo code geass c.c. pizza chibi

Now it’s a little are pretty funny strip with C.C. from code geass and Rosalina… If you don’t know C.C., you must say she’s addictive to pizza… Now you can understand all… XD

This cute and funny drawing was made by Sehad but there is one condition: I must show it to the first post “Welcome in my collection”… I was a little hard to choose because I can’t accept this condition often but for Rosalina, I must do it… And I’m so happy with the result… Hope you like it too… ^^

Don’t hesitate to take a look to Sehad page. He don’t have a huge gallerie for the moment but started to draw again and like this pic, I’m sure there is a lot of great stuff who must come… So don”t hesitate to post a nice comment in his page… He must continue to drawn for a long time… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

Artist: Sehad / Price: Condition

#094 – toLoveRu – Momo

Really exciting with this post because the next will be the 100th drawing in my blog, that’s amazing… But to have a 100th, we need a 99th, it’s really important too… XD

So this picture is a commission asked to Sehad, it’s a little expensive comparate to others in the blog but I love his style and really want to have a drawing by this artist, and now it’s done… Enjoy Rosalina x Momo from toLoveRu… (^o^)/

Sehad send me some sketchs and there is always Momo using her tail like this, it’s a really good idea but with this idea in the 3 sketch, it wasn’t hard to choose… And finaly it’s this one, but I post the other sketchs, it not good to drawn something and only delete it, so I prefer post all I have here… But don’t say me I do a wrong choice… This version is my favorite and it’s my commission… ;p

This time there isn’t high heels but transparent clothes… Love this…