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#512 – Cheetara can be so sweet

Back from a con out of town, must admit there wasn’t so much animations and good cosplayers were only present for the contest but didn’t take time to walk around the con so no great photos. In general the con wasn’t really powerfull (but thanks to my cool friends presents) and also had a wonderfull moment cause I found a little girl cosplaying Rosalina as me… Was sooo powerfull… °w°
When I cosplay Rosalina, the only objective is to show that wonderfull princess to the world but at this moment the blog don’t exist, a little way to apologise turn her so naughty and sexy here but there is a chance it appear on the soft blog if you are curious.


Second illustration I missed to publish, this time my excuses are for Batzy who decided to pair Rosalina with Cheetara from Thundercats. As with Faith illustration, it’s Rosalina who is dominated but this time she found a really tender, sensual AND KINKY (of course) kitty to play with her. Cheetara is really strong and dangerous but looking at Rosalina face it feel relaxing and maybe tickle a little. Love the expression Batzy gave to Rosalina, so look so cute and innocent than we can forget there is some kinky fingers gently playing with her pussy.
Colors are beautifull and Batzy did an excellent job with Cheetara. Furr is not easy to draw, need more work and details to have a nice effect. For sure still need more practice but as he said, “I am learning how to digital color and figured I might as well help someone while I learn” and that sound sooo powerfull, thanks so much for your kindness and support Batzy, feel so honored for sure… °w°
Also if you are curious guys, Batzy created an HentaiFoundry account (here) so feel free to take a look and follow him. Only one illustration for the moment but I hope more will come in the future. Hf is also really rude with artists and when you start it’s really hard to publish without have illustrations rejected, in general due to “anatomicaly error” but Batzy was able to pubish an illustration so he have the level and I hope it’s just the start… Oh yeah…
Once again really sorry for this late post Batzy, I know that artists really deserves support and feedback and feel so bad I missed to publish your illsutration before, especially since you drew the one I consider as the more beautifull and cutest girl in the world… I feel so stupid… O_o

Artist: Batzy  /  Cost: 0$ (request)

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