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#078 – Soul calibur – Ivy Valentine

And there is the second pic by sereneautumn this time it’s not her OC but a little more famous character who give some fun with Rosalina… Ivy from Soul Calibur… In fact Rosalina look cry so I don’t really say if she have a lot of pleasure, but like other pics in my blog, she don’t often have anal sex like that… Need to to fix that point with the artist… ^^

So thanks again to sereneautumn who had the kindess to say me “I dont see a problem in accepting your request sounds like fun“… Two news pics for the blog as request…. Just so nice… (^o^)/

Artist: sereneautumn / Price: Request

#064 – Soul Calibur – Ivy Valentine

70th Drawing make for the blog… Thanks to all artists for their kindness… (^o^)/
First Soul Calibur character who meet Rosalina… It’s Ivy Valentine. As introduced in Soulcalibur, Ivy was raised by the Valentines, a noble family in London, England. Ivy’s father became obsessed with the cursed sword Soul Edge, and worked himself to death.

This drawing was a commission I asked to Shuji after see a drawn of Victoria Seras in her gallerie… At start it must be 15 euros but she do an error an say 15$… Thanks for her kindness to accept make me the drawing but I have the impression she don”t do as full quality, like Ivy boots who are too simple as me… what a pity… T_T

But the final drawing is really nice… Ivy licking Rosalina and fingering herself (not easy to see that because she not wet) is really hot and For Rosalina: crown is missing but her face is awesome… Not really expressive but she look happy and cute… Just beautifull… ^^