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#077 – Original – Rusyl

Today there is two posts… Not because I late (yes in fact) but I meet a really nice artist in HentaiFoundry who accept drawn me TWO pics with Rosalina as request… Thanks so much to sereneautumn for her kindness… “I dont see a problem in accepting your request sounds like fun” That’s just soooo nice to see this…

So this post and the next show this two requests, for the moment you can’t see these pics in sereneautumn gallerie because HentaiFoundry refused puclish it… I agree it’s not Awesome, but they are really nice pics, the artist used some to drew this so I don’t agree refuse it… (-_-;)

It was hard to choose the pic to start but sereneautumn is the artist and I decide to start with her OC (original character: Rusyl… and to describe the character, I the better thing is the artist quote… Who say “lazy”… ;p

This is an OC I made for Dungeons and Dragons. Rusyl Kethara means wind song in elven and she is from the Drow house of Torath whom worships Dragons. She is a druid who can manipulate the air around her She is half Drow half Air Mephit She weilds a dimond tiped cat-of-ninetails, a sword-bow equiped with arrows of snake-bite, she wears nailpolish made with rattlesnake poison and dimond dust, and armour made from diamond thread(I can tell you it was hard to save up for these upgrades) but I love her quirky attitude and her lusful ways for both genders!

Artist: sereneautumn / Price: Request

#078 – Soul calibur – Ivy Valentine

And there is the second pic by sereneautumn this time it’s not her OC but a little more famous character who give some fun with Rosalina… Ivy from Soul Calibur… In fact Rosalina look cry so I don’t really say if she have a lot of pleasure, but like other pics in my blog, she don’t often have anal sex like that… Need to to fix that point with the artist… ^^

So thanks again to sereneautumn who had the kindess to say me “I dont see a problem in accepting your request sounds like fun“… Two news pics for the blog as request…. Just so nice… (^o^)/

Artist: sereneautumn / Price: Request