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#304 – Rosalina's Laboratory chapter 2 – Misato check-up

In fact the comic was already finished before announced in the video but it was too late so I promised to Dmfo the next post had to be the new page of his story. I hope you like it.

After the misadventure with Peach, Rosalina made an escape and discovered a abandoned Robotnik’s warehouse where she found some curious machines and a portal who allow her to travel to other places.

She pick some machines and the portal before create a little laboratory in her observatory, now it’s time to have some fun with her new machines… ^^

I’m really happy to show you this new comic, Dmfo and me are already working on the next girl but for the moment I hope you will enjoy this new chapter… Oh yeah…°w°

#302 – Evangelion – Azuka N°2

The “Informations” page is still in progress but for the moment I must finish the one about Rosalina’s laboratory project (see it here). Dmfo is still working on the second chapter or maybe he already finish it but I’m sure this new one will be published soon so it’s time to prepare the page and fix this problem when you click for a full view… Now it resize the picture so it’s really too small and you can’t delete it. I wanted something great but can’t find th perfect script so I’ll make something more simple… It don’t work like this but I tried… ^^


As you know the next story by Dmfo will feature Rosalina, Misato and Ritsuko but for the moment it’s time to have some fun with and other girl from the evangelion series than Rosalina already meet: Asuka. You can see the other drawing by Crimsonberry here but this time it’s a huge thanks to Quietstealth for this amazing picture… (^o^)/

Quietstealth have a really amazing gallery and drew some illustrations with Rei, Zone-tan or Yoko who are just epic so I asked him if he accept to participate to the Rosalina x girl project and finally accepted, how nice… At start I suggest to Quietstealth if he can pair Rosalina with Zone-tan or Rei because Rosalina never meet her for the moment but Quietstealth wanted to draw Asuka and there is the result, I hope you like it guys…

this drawing is really hot and also really powerfull because we can easily see the action and also imagine what happen after. That make the drawing more alive and like Asuka position if you have a little imagination you know it will be hot… really hot… XD

Last thing, Quietstealth said he used this drawing to increase his anatomy skills and that’s a great point. I’m really happy when artist contribute to the blog but it’s more fair if they also have fun doing it and also try new techniques… If at the end we can recognize Rosalina it’s fine… ^^

Once again thanks so much for your participation Quietstealth and guys don’t hesitate to take a look to his newgrounds, Deviantart or Tumblr profiles for more… Oh yeah… °w°

Artist: Quietstealth / Cost: 0$ (Request)
Tumblr: http://quietstealth.tumblr.com
Deviantart: http://quietstealth.deviantart.com
Newgrounds: http://quietstealth.newgrounds.com

#299 – Evangelion – Asuka

I planned to continue and finish the video at home but with the little sister and brother shouting and playing video game it’s just impossible. I tried twice with door closed but each time I hear them in the record. I think I’ll try again during the night but I hope I wont have to whisper… Wish me good luck… ^^


Do you remember the drawing by Crimsonberry featuring Rosalina and stocking (see it here). I said in the post than I commissioned Crimsonberry for two other drawings, One with Asuka from Evangelion and the last will be with Power girl. This time Asuka show to Rosalina the power of bondage and plugsuit, I hope you like it guys… °w°

I love lingerie and transparent clothes but I never thought to a transparent plugsuit. In fact it look simply amazing, really sexy and also so close to the Evangelion series. Crimsonberry said ‘I was debating what to do about her crown if she’s wearing a bit of a ‘fetish plugsuit‘ but finally not use to make something complex, Rosalina’s crown look great with this outfit. By the way, about the crow there isn’t a lot of artist who drew the motif of the original one. It’s like a minor detail but that mean Crimsonberry really searched for information and reference about Rosalina… good job… ^^

Like the sketch Crimsonberry sent me, there isn’t a lot of change since the original idea. I think a start she didn’t planned to cover breasts with the plugsuit and the only detail I asked is to add a little dildo on Rosalina. The drawing was designed for this blog so I wanted a little explicit touch. that’s a little curiosu because at a moment like Rosalina and Asuka Position we can find Asuka have a strap-on but that’s not the case and I’m so happy with the result… You did an amazing job Crimsonberry… (^o^)/

Great style and interesting prices. Sincerely don’t hesitate if you are interested to ask a commission to Crimsonberry untill she raise her prices. 9$ for a character and 15$ for two with full body and color you can be sure it’s a really powerfull deal. I also received the Rosalina x Power girl and Crimsonberry have great skills for soft drawing too… Oh yeah…