Rosalina's laboratory

     – Artist: Dmfo – Chapter 2 done: (Brainstorming for the 3rd)
     – In progress: Brainstorming for the chapter 3… °w°

I asked a commission to dmfo a the result was a little story where Rosalina and Peach are kidnapped by Bowser who forced the two girls to use his new insemination machine. Dmfo really have a powerfull style and I his scifi universe is really interesting so I suggested him to continue this story.

That’s why I’ll regulary (if I can) commission new pages to dmfo and show more about the story of Doc.Rosalina. This time she won’t be rapped but will have her own laboratory and “kidnapp” some girls to try her naughty machines created by Dr. Robotnic… Have you see him in the first page ?

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Chapter 0: Bowser Time Crisis
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Bowser captured Peach And Rosalina forcing them to use his new insemination machine created by Dr Robotnik (did you find him?). At start we talked to continue on this story thought what if Bowser kids were borne by Peach and Rosalina but can’t really work like the blog objective so it changed a little.

Rosalina disguise herself as a doctor, but a specific doctor that relates to sexual problems where she will subjecting her patients to these machines as her method to cure them.. Now the true story can work…

After the ‘Bowser challenge’, Rosalina intended to make an escape. Her plan was to steal a copter from the hangar, the one that brought them to Bowser lair in the first place. With Princess Peach help, they manage to overpowered and knock out Dr. Robotnik back in the lab.

However, Princess Peach refuse to go with her.

She believed that Mario will come to save her (as always). Rosalina was puzzled, she asked why.

Rosalina: “Don’t you get sick of being kidnapped again and again? Let’s get out of here and go far far away”

Princess Peach: “I know, but I can’t help it. You know I’m a sucker for the romance in being rescued”

Rosalina: “I know and I’m going to miss you”.
(Rosa give her the look, both of them knew they might never see each other again forever)

Princess Peach: “Me too”.
(and they kiss eachother, a long goodbye kiss)

Rosalina put on the lab coat, took the keys, id and make her way to the hangar, disguising herself as one of the Dr. Robotnik assistant when asked by the guards. The Robotnik copter is almost like a huge cargo airplane. Rosalina manage to fly it off the hangar, she have no plans of where to go yet but all she knew that she must get out of the Bowser Lair, from this realm if she could.

As the copter makes it way, she felt relieved. In the copter she found a map who suggest than Dr Robonik seems to have several spots in the Mario Realm. She thought maybe she look for the furthest. There’s an X – with written ‘Abandon’. “Perfect” says Rosalina. Im sure the last place that they might be looking for me is in their own hideout.
*In between the journey, something happen could happen.
– Rosa found a or several more naughty ‘Robotnik medical machine in the cargo area’
– She have to Repaint the copter scene, refueling, stopping for supplies etc…

The copter makes its way to the abandon hideout. It was a huge tall tower, with a sphere shape like at the top. Its the mainlab, living quaters and a helipad. The observatory is overlooking the vast Mario realm and it is hidden in between the mountain clouds. Rosa make her way into the building. “Not bad” she thinks.
She rest for awhile, and staring at the landscape. “It be matter of time before they found me. They always does. The crazy scientist from back from the lab. I never see him before, ever”. (referring to Robotnik). She made her way to the lab in the observatory and that where she found the answer to how Robotnik able to enters the Mario Realm.

A portal gateway machine. This portals allows a person to travel not just in between Mario – Sonic Realm, but other Realm such as Eva, etc. (anything in relating to what Rosa wish). To continue the disguise Rosa keep on wearing the labcoat and doctor disguise. Just to make sure no one, even from other realm knew who she was. The same portal connects her to several other similar like observatory in other realm (complete with copter).

Chapter 1: Misato check-up
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With her new laboratory sponsored” by Dr Robotnik, Rosalina decided to disguise herself as a Doctor to play around with innocent subjects but at start she must learn a little about medical environnement and machines so she joined the Nerv organisation as Dr Ritsuko’s assistant.

The story beggin by a message on Misato cell, I hope you will like it guys…