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#096 – Mario – Peach N°12

I don”t understand why artists often drawn Peach with Rosalina, of course it’s a prety famous Nintendo character but there is a lot of characters more famous from anime like one piece, Naruto or Bleach but it’s often Peach… In fact it’s not really a problem, cause Peach is a beautifull and pretty sexy character and it’s a new drawing with Rosalina for the blog… How nice… (^o^)/

This new picture was a request accepted in Hentaifoundry by DigitalHysteria. He want to reach a good level and do commissions so he accepted this request as a “good practice!”… And like the result, it’s just awesome… Thanks so much for this awesome pic…

I love this idea, Peach come to Rosalina and do something like “I want have sex with you, and don’t let you the choice“… It’s not a nude or hard drawing but with a really suggestive situations… Everybody can imagine what happend next… Yeah… Imagine a lot of things… XD

Thanks again for your kindness DigitalHysteria. Guys, don’t hesitate to take a look to his gallerie, she not big for the moment but really interesting, that’s why I asked Rosalina from the artist… ^^

Last thing about little contest in HentaiFoundry, thanks for al who help me but it was closed and not enough vote at this moment… Maybe next time… ^^

Artist: DigitalHysteria / Price: Request