#096 – Mario – Peach N°12

I don”t understand why artists often drawn Peach with Rosalina, of course it’s a prety famous Nintendo character but there is a lot of characters more famous from anime like one piece, Naruto or Bleach but it’s often Peach… In fact it’s not really a problem, cause Peach is a beautifull and pretty sexy character and it’s a new drawing with Rosalina for the blog… How nice… (^o^)/

This new picture was a request accepted in Hentaifoundry by DigitalHysteria. He want to reach a good level and do commissions so he accepted this request as a “good practice!”… And like the result, it’s just awesome… Thanks so much for this awesome pic…

I love this idea, Peach come to Rosalina and do something like “I want have sex with you, and don’t let you the choice“… It’s not a nude or hard drawing but with a really suggestive situations… Everybody can imagine what happend next… Yeah… Imagine a lot of things… XD

Thanks again for your kindness DigitalHysteria. Guys, don’t hesitate to take a look to his gallerie, she not big for the moment but really interesting, that’s why I asked Rosalina from the artist… ^^

Last thing about little contest in HentaiFoundry, thanks for al who help me but it was closed and not enough vote at this moment… Maybe next time… ^^

Artist: DigitalHysteria / Price: Request

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  1. Yukikah

    Well, it makes sense that Peach is often the one paired with Rosalina; after all, people tend to stick with characters more from the same game (or anime) rather than do crossovers. Oh, and them both being blonde princesses with deep blue eyes and sexy bodies prolly doesn’t hurt anything either. Kukuku~


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