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#095 – League of Legends – Akali (nurse) N°2

Let’s celebrate this post, it’s the 100th drawing in the blog… (^o^)/

I’m really happy to reach this point, thanks so much to all artists who support my project and help me having this awesome collection… It’s always a pleasure to show it (but can send the link to my family… T_T).

And for this post, it’s a really nice Hentaifoundry artist who made this 100th drawing with Rosalina and Akali in her nurse skin (the most famous and sexy in the game) form league of legends… Thanks to Devil_HS who accepted this request… ^^

It’s not the first time he drawn Akali nurse as futa girl, in fact he do a first pic with her some time ago and it was just awesome… So I ask him if he can drawn Akali again with Rosalina, I was lucky to ask this at the moment he open request… And now the awesome drawing is complete… Enjoy it…(^o^)/

Last thing interesting about Devil_HS, it’s his blog, don’t hesitate to take a look and especialy to his english comic, you can dowload the first chapter in english here. There is a lot of nice stuff in this blog, but in russian, be carrefull… XD

#075 – League of Legends – Akali (nurse)

No post for december 25… I received Mario kart 7 for 3DS so need to unlock Rosalina and play a lot with her… Oh yeah… The game was in store untill december 2 in France but my mother buy it for Christmas so need to wait to play with it… So bad… Why she don’t ask me before buy the game… T_T

So after 18 hours of Mario kart (and a lot a defeats with Japan geeks), the blog restart, and with an awesome character from League of legends, Akali in her best skin: Nurse… Thanks so much to ninjaviking who do this as request… (^o^)/

ninjaviking ask me he accepted my request and started working on a Rosalina + Akali picture, when I ask her what skin for Akali he answer “I guess it’s always nurse Akali for me 😛“… Oh yeah… Really good choice… XD

So enjoy this sooooo beautifull pic of Akali and Rosalina doing the famous “Playing Doctor“… The drawing have a really good level and a lot a details like the heart with Akali hair or Akali face who is so cute… I hope you will love this drawing…   No… You must love this drawing… Like this, don”t need the “hope”… ;p

Artist: Ninjaviking  /  Price: Request