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#287 – Ace Attorney – Adrian Andrews

The best memory I have from the Japan Expo when I was cosplayed into Rosalina is a young boy (5-6yo) coming to me and saying “I know you, you are on one of my game”. He was a little scared and marveled, just so cute… ^^

I hope a day somebody will come to me and say “Are you the owner of the Rosalina x girl blog” and I’ll say “Yes”…. Oh yeah… By the way photos are coming soon but it will be on the soft blog, can’t show random girls I meet during this meeting here… O_o

Today a new girl who meet Rosalina but not a new series, after Rosalina and Ema Skye (see it here) now it’s time for Adrian Andrews from Ace Attorney to join the project, a huge thanks to sleepywarlord for this awesome drawing… Thanks so much… (^o^)/

That’s funny because sleepywarlord asked me to hold Adrian in th wishlist and it’s really the first time it happend, in fatc it’t not because a character already meet Rosalina tha the artist can pick her again, after all I have 18 Rosalina x Peach and I’m sure it’s not the end of this pairing, after all they are the two more famous Nintendo princesses…

Though this time Rosalina don’t have a princess treatment, I think it’s the more painfull one than Rosalina received (there is also a guro story where she die but that’s not the same thing), as you can see sleepywarlord draw Adrian very hurt with Rosalina. Catwoman used her whip for the bondage (see it here) but Adrian also fond some ropes so can use the primary founction of the whip…

Not sure Rosalina look amused but I must admit this drawign look amazing, I love bdsm outfit of Adrian and maybe I was a long time I wanted to see Rosalian in a bondage situation, maybe I didn’t expected something so hard but for a request the artist is free to draw what he love and I hope sleepywarlord had a lot of fun with this one… And I hope you like it guys… Oh yeah… ^^

You can also take a look and find this drawing on sleepywarlord’s tumblr an you will have to scrool, there is a lot of nice and pretty funny vontent (it’s here). she said the drawign was rejected by Hentaifoundry so instead of here and all rule34 (I’m sure it will happend soon) it’s the only place you can find the drawign and also other amazing post by sleepywarlor… Don’t hesitate to take a look, oh yeah… XD

#180 – Ace Attorney – Ema Skye

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I asked to a lot of artists who drew Rosalina if I can add her drawing in the bonus page, all said “yes” but after the post and wishlist publication, I’m always busy and lazy so never edit this page… Maybe I’ll do it.. This week… I promise it to you (Bad idea)… XD

So today it’s a new drawing by Krakensan who already draw Rosalina with Bayonetta (see it here). So after the commission with Rosalina and Bayonetta, Krakensan say me she will draw a second drawing to apologize the long time I waited, just saying me Rosalina will have a huge dildo in her ass… Maybe du to technicals problems, Krakensan just post the drawing in her hentaifoundry account and send me a mail… And the result is really nice… Long time to wait but it was for a great drawing… (^o^)/

I think a lot here know Ema Skye, sincerely I never see this character instead some fanarts, just say she’s cute and pretty sexy but don”t have a lot of informations about her… At start when Sehad submit me some sketchs, he suggested a drawing with Rosalina, Ema Skype and a cute crossover children but I choose an other idea, it’s the little story with C.C. than you can see in the first post or here.

Krakensan have a nice style and do commissions, as informations a drawing like this cost like 15/20$. I think for this quality it’s really interesting so I think to ask a new drawing to Krakensan and hope she will be late, like this I’ll show you 2 new pics here… XD

Artist: Krakensan / Price: Gift

New wishlisted girls: Mama from Cooking Mama (why not ;p)