#180 – Ace Attorney – Ema Skye

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I asked to a lot of artists who drew Rosalina if I can add her drawing in the bonus page, all said “yes” but after the post and wishlist publication, I’m always busy and lazy so never edit this page… Maybe I’ll do it.. This week… I promise it to you (Bad idea)… XD

So today it’s a new drawing by Krakensan who already draw Rosalina with Bayonetta (see it here). So after the commission with Rosalina and Bayonetta, Krakensan say me she will draw a second drawing to apologize the long time I waited, just saying me Rosalina will have a huge dildo in her ass… Maybe du to technicals problems, Krakensan just post the drawing in her hentaifoundry account and send me a mail… And the result is really nice… Long time to wait but it was for a great drawing… (^o^)/

I think a lot here know Ema Skye, sincerely I never see this character instead some fanarts, just say she’s cute and pretty sexy but don”t have a lot of informations about her… At start when Sehad submit me some sketchs, he suggested a drawing with Rosalina, Ema Skype and a cute crossover children but I choose an other idea, it’s the little story with C.C. than you can see in the first post or here.

Krakensan have a nice style and do commissions, as informations a drawing like this cost like 15/20$. I think for this quality it’s really interesting so I think to ask a new drawing to Krakensan and hope she will be late, like this I’ll show you 2 new pics here… XD

Artist: Krakensan / Price: Gift

New wishlisted girls: Mama from Cooking Mama (why not ;p)

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